How to Choose Medicare Coverage

Finding a Good Fit

There’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to Medicare. You need to choose coverage based on your needs.

Medicare parts and plans can be combined for the coverage you want. The combinations depend on whether you stay with Original Medicare or choose a Medicare Advantage plan.

Original Medicare

You may add a standalone Part D plans, a Medicare Supplement plan or both to Original Medicare (Parts A & B).

It doesn’t matter what plan your spouse or your friend or your neighbor has. Make your Medicare decisions based on your needs and preferences. Call us today for help finding your plan 833-265-9655

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage (Part C) combines Part A & Part B coverage into one plan. Many come with built-in prescription drug coverage. Select plans that don't have drug coverage allow you to add a standalone Part D plan.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplements pay as a secondary insurance to Medicare itself. This means they pay after Medicare first pays its portion of the bill. You stay enrolled in Original Medicare, and Medicare sends the remainder of your bills to your Medicare supplement company. Then the supplement company pays its share according to which plan you are enrolled in.

Medicare supplement plans are also called Medigap plans. Having a Medigap plan means you are still enrolled in Original Medicare as your primary insurance.

You can see any provider that participates in Medicare, regardless of which supplement company you choose. You have access to all the Medicare providers nationwide – no referrals necessary. If you enroll in a comprehensive plan like Plan F or Plan G, you will have very little out of pocket. Not even doctor copays!

When you enroll, your Medicare supplement insurance company notifies Medicare that you have purchased a policy. Thereafter, as we described earlier, when Medicare pays its portion of your bills, it will automatically send the remainder of your bill to your Medicare supplement company.

It’s seamless, with no claims forms for you to file.

Because these plans offer you the most freedom and flexibility, they have higher premiums than Medicare Advantage plans.

Get Help Choosing Between Medicare Advantage vs Medigap

Still asking yourself “Should I get Medigap or Medicare Advantage?” It’s critical to compare the costs and benefits of each type of plan in relation to your personal healthcare needs and budget. Some of the key factors for comparison are:

  • Monthly premiums

  • Deductibles, if any

  • Expected costs of healthcare services on each plan

  • How often you use healthcare services

  • Areas where you will need access to care

  • Expected copays for your medications

  • Potential out of pocket spending for you on each plan type

  • Remember, you get what you pay for

Finally, we know that checking the provider networks and drug formularies for each plan can take many hours. Simplify your search by having a Medicarefullest licensed agent do this for you. We’ve helped tens of thousands of people like you with their options. We can search Medicare Advantage vs Medigap plans in your area.

We’ll be able to quickly tell you which plans your doctors take and whether your medications are covered.

Call 833-265-9655 for help today!