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David Scallion Medicare Advisor

David Scallion

David founded Medicarefullest in 2014 after already working in the insurance industry for a over a decade. With the focus of making the process of researching and purchasing Medicare products easier than it has ever been for both consumers and agents.

He first obtained his insurance license in 2003 and quickly found out that beneficiaries seeking assistance with their Medicare coverage were largely overwhelmed with decisions for their coverage options and aimed to make the process easy to understand.

In 2018 he partnered with Lehigh Partners Senior Benefits to allow David and his experienced team to offer you their services free of charge, obligation, and judgement.

Kim Porter Medicare Advisor

Kim Porter

Kim started in the insurance industry in 2016. She has worked for several well-known corporations over the years but found her home as an Independent Agent working to serve her clients instead of companies.

Kim has spent the last 4 years dedicated to helping seniors navigate through the ABC's and D's of Medicare, educating them on how it works, and providing solutions to help bring peace of mind to her clients.

She's an expert in Medicare and has helped people make an informed decision about their healthcare coverage. She will explain just how Medicare works, making it simple and easy for you to understand. She will help you find a plan that best fits your healthcare goals, needs, and is affordable for you!


Gina Chandler Medicare Advisor

Gina Chandler

Gina has enjoyed being an independent insurance broker/trainer specializing in Medicare Health Insurance for a number of years. Her focus has always been on educating and helping her clients each year with their Medicare Insurance.

She helps her clients understand the basics of how Medicare works, what it does and doesn’t cover and what the best options are for their medical and prescription drug needs.

Gina is happy to help you ease into your journey with Medicare.

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